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Colon Pack consists of three products:
   –  Parasine Plus removes parasites and toxins from the system
–  CoFiber composition of cleansing herbs and two types of fibre
–  Natural Cleansing Tea regenerates urinary, intestinal and immunological system, facilitates evacuation

“One gram of prevention is worth more than 1000 grams of treatment”


Scientists have defined five needs concerning health and longevity including the most important – Cleansing of the System:


Parasites and toxins may cause excessive tiredness, intestinal and skin problems, unpleasant odour of the body, reduce resistance of the system, accelerate ageing processes.
Infection with parasites may cause many serious diseases: asthma, diabetes, allergy, overweight, sclerosis, heart attacks, embolisms.
Apply 30 day natural method of cleansing the system of toxins and parasites. Symptoms of the presence of tapeworm in the body are so barely detectable that infected persons may never find out the cause of their disease.
Break with old nutritional habits, purify your system twice a year.
Discover how to lose, up to 7 kg of toxins, parasites and fecal deposits.
Thanks to Colon Pack body weight is standardized, which ensures skin balance, proper diet, strengthening, regeneration and, as a result, beautiful complexion. Health comfort recovers, family life gets better, the will to study is regained, new possibilities for the future appear.

User’s Guide to Colon Pack

1. Always begin your treatment with Parasine Plus:
Take orally – during the first 10 days two capsules a day in the morning (approximately 30 minutes before breakfast), then for the next 20 days increase up to 4 capsules a day (in the morning). Wash down with a glass of still water or juice.

2. After approximately 15 to 30 minutes, move on to the CoFiber:
Take orally – during the first 7 days use 1 flat scoop of CoFiber, then from the 8th day increase to 2 flat scoops. Approximately 15 minutes before breakfast using the enclosed plastic scoop, mix CoFiber in a glass with still (preferably warm) water, juice or other drink, mix thoroughly and drink immediately. It is advisable to take one more glass of liquid with your breakfast (preferably still water).

3. In the evening, before going to sleep, drink Natural Purifying Tea, prepared according to the following recommendation:
Put one sachet into a glass and pour in hot, but not boiling, water. For the first 7 days leave the sachet in the cup for 1 or max 2 minutes, then you can extend the brewing time to 5–8 minutes and, if you need to, squeeze out the tea from the sachet. You will have to find out how long to brew the tea to suit your body. Some people need only 1–2 minutes; others may need longer.

While using Colon Pack you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of clean, still water a day.

The Body Purification System Colon Pack is designed to be used for 30 days. If you discover parasites in your organism, it is recommended you use the system for a further 3 months. The following year, again apply double cleansing, preferably during spring and autumn.